Weekly meal plan

Jan 26 2020


I am trying to share speedy dinners for weeknight meals as much as possible, because I know that this is what I need during the craziness of all the activities and everything going on! I figure it helps me, it should work for some of you as well, right!

Monday: Creamy carrot soup.   Who does not like a smooth and " creamy" carrot soup? And by creamy I mean cashews, not real cream ( unless you want that, which is totally fine and delicious as well)... I will add the cashews for the last 5 minutes of cooking time and blend it all together. I am going to serve this with focaccia and most probably will sprinkle some kind of seeds such as pumpkin seeds or hemps seeds. This will add some texture to the soup and extra proteins. You can also add white beans before blending the soup if you think your family would benefit from more proteins.

Tuesday: Green penne pasta. I love this kind of easy dinner packed with veggies! I will use wholewheat pasta, make a spinach sauce, roast some zucchini, and toss together with peas with a sprinkle of parmesan. If you need more details for the green sauce, I will use the same one as my spinach barley risotto.

Wednesday: Miso chicken with coconut rice. New weekly video and recipe, this is a good one and I am really excited about it. I am cooking the rice with coconut milk and adding coconut flakes for extra flavor. I will share on the blog and  my Youtube channel on Tuesday, so make sure to come back to have full details.

Thursday: Sheet pan tofu medley. This is as easy as it sounds. It is a recipe from the flexible chef, I am just tweaking it a bit. Full of veggies and nutrients, if you don't want tofu, you could use chicken, but since I made chicken the day before, I wanna do something different.

Friday: Veggie wonton soup. This is super easy for dinner, and also a kids request. I bought some veggie wonton at the store and will cook them in a veggie broth add miso paste and add some peas, cilantro and green onions. This is as easy as I am saying but will gladly share the recipes as I go and post later on.

Saturday: Pad Thai. This one is for me, it is from Goop, which by now you know that it is one of my fave source of inspiration! My kids love asian food and this look super yummy and easy enough!

Sunday: Smoked salmon and goat cheese quiche.  This is easy enough for a Sunday night which is what I need... Plus who doe snot like breakfast for dinner

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