Weekly meal plan

Feb 10 2020


Colder weather here in LA this week, perfect for soups and stews!!! Soups for Monday as usual, packed with veggies and goodness, best way to start the week clean and fresh! Posting a fun avocado brownie recipe on Wednesday right on time for Valentine's day coming up!  Fast, easy, yummy and healthy are my key words!

Monday: Cauliflower and broccoli soup.  Using the pressure cooker  to make soup is the easiest thing ever! Plus it gets dinner one in no time! I always serve soup with a good baguette and butter or some crackers. When I feel that we need more, some beans go in and also maybe a spinrkle of hem seeds.

Tuesday: Chicken enchiladas. Tacos Tuesday is always a good thing in my family,I have a busy day on Tuesday so I just throw it all in the slow cooker before I love and will only have some things to assemble just before dinner, which will take me 10-15 minutes hands on max!

Wednesday: Veggie curry. I always love to not have animal protein everyday, this is a full meal and can always add tofu or edamame if my husbands thinks he needs more. I might even make this one in th pressure cooker to get it ready faster, I mean once you get the hang of the pressure cooker, it become really easy to use it all the time.

Thursday: Farro salad with grilled chicken. This is delicious and easy, faro is on my blog and chicken is simply roasted chicken, some salt and peeper, old oil and ghee, in the oven at F400 for 1 hour until  inside temperature reaches 165F.

Friday: Korean bowls.  This super easy dinner is packed with flavors and part of my speedy dinner segment. I love sharing recipes that take less then 10-15 minutes to prepare and still taste amazing and make everyone happy! Serving this one a bed of rice, or cauliflower rice, rice noodles or it would be great as well or even on tis own!

Saturday: Sausages tomatoes and spinach pasta.  My kids have asked me to do some sort of pasta once a week, so I am doing my best to figure out some healthy recipe that will them happy, keeping in mind that is is nutritious enough with tons of veggies!

Sunday: Butternut squash pizza.  Sunday night ideal!  Topped with veggies, and arugula on mine (spinach for kiddos) this kind of flat bread pizza makes dinner really low stress level.

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