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Feb 24 2020


I love it when days are getting longer and spring is slowly getting here. I am still enjoying our Monday night soups, since it is so easy for me, but slowly stearing away from stews and more heavier dish! I got a lot going on this week with cooking glasses and shooting videos so my goal is to keep dinner really low maintenance for me!

Monday: Tortellini and veggie soup.   This is one of the kids favorite soup, i guess anything with pasta always work for them... Still, adding a ton of veggies...

Tuesday: Chicken enchiladas.  I think I might use rotisserie chicken fro this one and Siete salsa and tortillas fro this recipe, since their products are so clean. Some yummy guacamole and beans and dinner is done!

Wednesday: Pesto Chicken and Italian "fried rice". I love this kind of no-recipe recipe, assembling pesto, peas, chopped kale with cherry toots and rice and simply girding chicken tenders and some Italian seasoning.... I might make some tofu as well if anyone needs a break form meat!

Thursday: Roasted cauliflower lasagna. Testing some new stuff this week and this is one of them, I am tagging the recipe that inspired me but will most probably tweak it and adapt it. I will share my version later but this should help for now.

Friday: Spring soba noodles This is an easy one, everyone loves it and so do I, Soba have an almost nutty taste http I really enjoy!

Saturday: Salmon niçoise. I like making fish at least once a week, this is a recipe that we all like, I might keep everything separate so everyone can make their paw plate, which is always popular with the kids.

Sunday: By popular demand turkey and veggie burgers with coleslaw and crudités will be n the menu .With a bit of luck, weather will permit to use the grill which makes it so easy fro clean up afterwards!! I am making the Impossible burger for Marine and me and meat patties for the boys... lettuce wraps for the grill and buns for the boys!

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  • Alexandra Reynolds / Feb 25 2020

    Amazing recipes

    • Virginie Degryse / Feb 26 2020

      Thank you so much, that makes me super happy to hear! I am glad you are enjoying them

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