Weekly meal plan

Mar 1 2020


This week is a bit quieter so it is always a good time to do some recipe testing! I got some new things for you and working on some goodies coming your way soon!

Monday: Italian wedding soup.  I have always loved meatballs in soup, it makes really it hearty which is what I am craving right now. Adding zucchini and more greens to this recipe for an extra nutritious meal!

Tuesday: Chicken pad Thai. I cannot believe that I have never made this for the kids before! I am sure they are going to love it! I am adapting a recipe from Half baked harvest that is super easy to make!

Wednesday: Mediterranean baked halibut. This is my new weekly recipe and is a really good one. I know how hard it is sometimes to get kids to eat fish, well this one should do the trick! Plus you just assemble it all and bake it and done!! I will make sure to post video and recipe ahead of time if you want to have all ingredients to make it this week!

Thursday: Sausage, tomatoes and spinach pasta. This is an oldie but goodie, I am going out but kids always ask for pasta once a week, so this will do the trick!

Friday: Butternut squash pizza. Pizza is always great for a Friday night dinner....

Saturday: Chicken Souvlkaki with tomato salad . I haven't made this one in a while and it is super flavorful and easy to make... Maybe some spinach and white beans salad would be great here, I am attaching a recipe from my site, just omit the shrimps.

Sunday: Soba salad with crispy tofu. This crispy tofu has been such a hit with the kids that I am making it again next Sunday and adding it on top of soba noodles with tons of fresh and crunchy veggies! For crispy tofu, drain it, cut it in small cubes and cook it with avocado oil for 2-3 minutes on each sides without moving them around too much so it have time to crisp.

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