Weekly meal plan

Mar 9 2020


Monday Wonton veggie soup, I made a video for this soup a little while ago as a speedy dinner recipe! It is packed with veggies, yummy miso veggie broth and obviously wontons... this is so easy especially since you can find delicious store bought wontons everywhere, keep it vegetarian or not, whatever you fancy!

Tuesday: 3 beans Chili, I will use the turkey chili recipe from my blog as an inspiration but will only use beans and no meat... I feel like we need a break from meat today! Plus this gets done in the slow cooker, I have so much going that day and all that I can’t worry about dinner and will not have time to do so anyway!

Wednesday: sweet and spicy shrimps with snap peas and rice. I will use this shrimp recipe as inspo but with a sweet chili kind of sauce, I will post for sure if it turns out good!

Thursday: Chicken lettuce cups. I think this is one of my favorite meal!! I love adding pickled veggies and all for extra flavor, which you can make yourself or get store bought.

Friday: stir fry veggies and sesame chicken. This speedy dinner is really yummy and leaves you the freedoms to use the veggies you want and like... as long as they all have similar sizes and textures, they cook the same, so it is really easy to put together! If you do not want to wait for Friday and my new video, this miso chicken is also super easy and really close to what I intend to make

Saturday: Lasagna, if you use good quality store bought sauce, and no boil lasagna sheet this gets assembled really fast! To bring max flavor, sauté the onion with veggies before adding the sauce and assemble the lasagna and bake!

Sunday: DIY poke bowls... I need easy on Sundays and this does the trick! I usually find really  fresh fish at the farmers market and can either serve it with rice, caulirice, chopped lettuce, cucumbers, edamame, seaweed salad,... and a light sesame soy sauce and some sesame seeds!

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