Weekly meal plan

Mar 1 2021


I am sharing my usual dinner planner for this week as well as week-end lunches. I hope that sharing more ideas will help you to be more inspired. Let me k now if you it is useful and you want me to keep sharing our full week-end menu! I am also using lots of pantry and frozen items this week, as well as anti inflammatory food! I believe that every little bit helps to stay healthy, and food is playing a big part in that!

Monday:  kale and white bean soup, I bought lots o kale at the farmers market today and have quite a bit of beans in the pantry. It is really easy to put together and full of nutrients. Adding more garlic than usual for my anti-inflammatory ingredient today!

Tuesday: Sausage, tomatoes and spinach pasta. I will base this from the recipe on the blog but might do a zucchini noodles version for me.

Wednesday: Lettuce wrapped veggie brugers. I have some beyond burgers patties in the freezer, and do some air fried sweet potatoes and a crudités platter as well. I think I  might do my kohlrabi salad again because it was so easy and we all loved it so much!

Thursday:  1 Tray chicken and veggie roast. I love cooking chicken this way, it gets so much flavor from the veggies and fresh herb when I roast it all together. Plus it is very easy to assemble and clean up afterwards.

Friday:  Zucchini, beans and spinach gnocchi. This speedy dinner is really yummy and leaves you plenty of room for freedom. You can use any kind of gnocchi out there, switch the beans around, add any greens you have at hand (kale, arugula, Swiss chard, add sausages or ground meat,....) I will make the video and share it with you on Friday to show you how easy it is! I linked a recipe that is really close to what I intend to make incase you want to make it before.


  • LUNCH: Socca, these chickpea savory pancakes are so yummy and packed with proteins and nutrient. Spreading some babaganoush on top, chopped avocado, chopped lettuce or cabbage, option of adding a fried egg would as well!
  • DINNER: Salmon burgers with fennel and cabbage slaw. I taught that in a cooking class last year and it uses canned salmon, which is very handy! I promise you that this one is a must try, a lot of my students were skeptical but loved it and have been making it ever since! Plus these freeze easily, so make extra and store them for another day.


  • LUNCH: Flat bread pizzas. Since I need easy this is great and everyone can make their own "pizza" while I can have mine with a cauliflower thin ( that you can find everywhere now, plus I keep them in the freezer so I always have some at hand)
  • DINNER: Fried rice. This is where all the frozen veggies will come in handy. This kind of dish is perfect to clean up the fridge of any veggies left behind and can be complemented with lots of different options: tofu, leftover chicken, eggs, ground meat, vegetarian,....

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