Weekly meal plan

Mar 22 2020


Week 2 on lock down and eating in all the time. I went for a quick grocery stock up this morning at the farmers market and getting the rest delivered to my house.

Cooking all the time can be tiring and overwhelming, this is why I try to have at least breakfasts super easy with smoothies, oatmeal or eggs.

Otherwise I do my best to have one other meal per day that is really easy to put together. Either some  soup, or sandwiches, or quick pasta or fried rice or something. I want to make sure that cooking all the time does not become too much of a burden. At the same time I am  trying to feed as many nutrients and veggies, and homemade nutritious food to my loved ones.

This week, I am getting inspired by some recipes form my blog, some from Goop and my friend Pamela Salzman an other foodies I admire, and also I am improving with some no recipe-recipes....

Lunch: green soup and bagels. I am making this with broccoli (instead of peas) and zucchini soup for extra veggies and got some yummy bagels and lox today ate the market. I know this will make everyone happy and it is easy enough for me.
Dinner: breaded trouts with green beans and kale salad. I got inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow breaded sole with tartare sauce the other day and could only find trout but am sure it will be great. I figure that some sauté green beans and a kale salad will go perfectly well with that!

Lunch: artichokes, greek pasta salad. I bought yummy artichokes also to day, I will boil them first and them grill them briefly for extra flavor. My friend Pamela Salman made a nice look green pasta salad the other day that looked really yummy and easy, so that will be on ur menu today!
Dinner: poke bowls. This is is as easy as it gets, I just need to cook the rice an chop some cucumbers and avocado and sprinkle some seaweeds and sesame seeds!

Lunch: grilled cheese and crunchy coleslaw! I am not having grilled cheese, but will add some chickpeas to my salad and avocado to make it a bit more filling.
Dinner: chicken with apple sauce and green salad. Simply roasting chicken breasts ( bone and skin on) serving git with apple sauce (just like my grandma would make in my childhood) and a simple green and fresh herb salad!

Lunch: quinoa bowls with mushrooms and zucchinis. I will share this one on Instagram because I have no recipe for this. I will sauté the mushrooms and zucchinis with garlic and olive oil. Cook some quinoa separately and make a nice tahini sauce or maybe some pesto ( that I will need for tonight anyway). This blog offers tons of ideas and easy recipes.
Dinner: Ravioli al pesto and Brussels sprouts salad. Make some kale pesto and i got some super yummy spinach ravioli at the market today.

Lunch: Mozzarella, prosciutto, bruschetta, Italian baked eggs. I feel like putting together a simple Italian DIY lunch with plenty of little options.
Dinner: chicken kefta from GP cookbook "the clean plate" with roasted carrots and steamed spinach.

Lunch: farro salad with beans, sautéed kale and tomatoes. This is the same as my quinoa bowl, I don't have a recipe for that but will sauté tomatoes with garlic, chili flakes and kale together for a couple of minutes. The I can add some beans and cook the farro separately, I can also maybe sprinkle some crunchy toasted pipits or come thing and add feta or parmesan cheese or something. If you need more inspiration, check this recipe collection from Martha Stewart,
Dinner: Pasta Bolognese. This is a special request for the kids and they have been asking for a while, I might make zucchini noodles for me and just spoon some yummy sauce on them.

Lunch: crab cakes and crudités. I haven't made crab cakes in a while so this is perfect, I can easily serve these with cut carrots, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, cauliflower and avocado!
Dinner: gnocchi and veggies. I love Trader Joes gnocchi and always have plenty in my freezer. This is also a no recipe recipe.... Just thawing in a pan all kind of veggies I have leftover in the fridge, might supplement with frozen veggies if need to. I will make sure to post on my stories for you. This is a good and easy recipe, not sure I will go for this, but we'll see.

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