Weekly meal plan

Mar 8 2021


Cooking all the time can be tiring and overwhelming, this is why I try to have at least breakfasts super easy with smoothies, oatmeal or eggs.

Otherwise I do my best to have a few other meals per week that are really easy to put together. Either some  soups, or sandwiches, or quick pasta or fried rice or something. I want to make sure that cooking all the time does not become too much of a burden. At the same time I am  trying to feed as many nutrients and veggies, and homemade nutritious food to my loved ones.

This week, I am getting inspired by some recipes form my blog, some from Goop and my friend Pamela Salzman and other foodies I admire, and also I am improving with some no recipe-recipes....

Dinner:  green soup and bagels. I am making this with broccoli (instead of peas) and zucchini for extra veggies and will serve some yummy everything toasted bagels with avocado. I know this will make everyone happy and it is easy enough for me.

Dinner: poke bowls. This is as easy as it gets, I just need to cook the rice and chop some cucumbers and avocado and sprinkle some seaweeds and sesame seeds!

Dinner: quinoa bowls with mushrooms and zucchinis. I will share this one on Instagram because I have no recipe for this. I will sauté the mushrooms and zucchinis with garlic and olive oil. Cook some quinoa separately and make a nice tahini sauce or maybe some pesto ( that I will need for tonight anyway).

Dinner: Ravioli al pesto and Brussels sprouts salad. I will prepare some delicious kale pesto and serve them with some super yummy spinach ravioli I bought at Eataly.

Dinner: chicken kefta from GP cookbook "the clean plate" with roasted carrots and steamed spinach.

Lunch: farro salad with beans, sautéed kale and tomatoes. This is the same as my quinoa bowl, I don't have a recipe for that but will sauté tomatoes with garlic, chili flakes and kale together for a couple of minutes. Then I can add some beans and cook the farro separately, I can also maybe sprinkle some crunchy toasted nuts and add feta or parmesan cheese or something. If you need more inspiration, check this recipe collection from Martha Stewart,
Dinner: Pasta Bolognese. This is a special request for the kids and they have been asking for a while, I might make zucchini noodles for me and just spoon some yummy sauce on them.

Lunch: crab cakes and crudités. I haven't made crab cakes in a while so this is perfect, I can easily serve these with cut carrots, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, cauliflower and avocado!
Dinner: gnocchi and veggies. I love Trader Joes gnocchi and always have plenty in my freezer. This is also a no recipe recipe.... Just throwing in a pan all kind of veggies I have leftover in the fridge, might supplement with frozen veggies if need to. I will make sure to post on my stories for you. This is a good and easy recipe, the can be tossed with any kind of rice or pasta.

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