Weekly meal plan

Mar 30 2020


Lunch: Salad Niçoise. I got some nice tuna yesterday at the market and will use it to make an easy and delicious salad Niçoise, adding some green beans, tomatoes and olives... I have attached here also a version of it, just make it with whatever fish you have, even if it is with canned tuna it works, after all that is how they do it mostly in South of France.
Dinner: Sausages with mash potatoes and apple sauce. This is a very Belgian dish but it happens to be my son's birthday and that his wish for dinner.... I also have a request for a vanilla strawberry cake.... I will make sure to share on my stories as I bake and cook all day... Since we are all in quarantine, I want to make this day as special as possible for him!!!

Lunch: Salads and sandwiches. I can't just cook all the time, so since  we can make BLT or California club sandwich, I think this will do the trick!
Dinner: Spaghetti Carbonara. My hubby is taking over tonight for dinner and this is his specialty...I might make Zucchini noodles for me since I try to stay away from pasta...I have attached here a recipe that is as close to his as possible...

Lunch: Garlicky butter Ramen noodles with fried egg. This is a recipe form Half Baked Harvest and everyone just loves ramen in here so I thought I would give it a try.
Dinner: Turkey burgers with asian coleslaw. No buns for this one, just lettuce wrapped but still absolutely delicious!

Lunch: Fried rice with kale and scallions. I might throw in whatever veggies we have left over in there as well, simple, clean and delicious!!
Dinner: Teriyaki salmon with roasted veggies. I will use this recipe as an inspiration since it looks easy enough and quite delicious! Stay tuned to find out how we liked it!

Lunch: Pamela's veggie burgers. I have been dying to make these ever since my friend Pamela Salzman made a live tutorial about these last week! They look really easy and super delicious!!
Dinner: Meatballs with pasta and tomato sauce. I have some frozen meatballs, some organic store bought marinara sauce and pasta in the pantry, This is just assembling it all together and giving me a break!

Lunch: Corn and spinach fritters with green spring salad. I always have some frozen corn in the house, and have some lettuce left as well. Adding in some crudités so we'll ave plenty of veggies for this one!
Dinner: Tamari glazed chicken salad (from Seamus Mullen). I have made this a couple of times and everyone always loves it... This is relatively easy, healthy enough for me and satisfying enough for the kids. My family loves this kind of asian flavor and I use them a lot for my everyday cooking and recipes.

Lunch: Chicken Milanese on arugula and cherry tomato salad.
Dinner: Spaghetti squash greek style. I taught this a while ago for one of my cooking class and everyone loved it, so I thought it would perfect for Sunday night dinner.

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