Weekly meal plan

Apr 6 2020


We are starting week 4 of quarantine and I am really aiming more and more for easy cooking, otherwise I am going to end up hating my kitchen at some point (which would be sad). Since we cannot get out and I don't really get a break, I need easy meals, that the entire family will enjoy and are still nutritious enough that I can feel good about!

Lunch: Spinach and avocado quesadillas. I have some tortillas in the fridge, spinach that I can quickly steam, and add cheese and avocado... This sounds like something the kids would gladly eat and is super easy to make.
Dinner: Creamy butternut squash soup.  This is based on my carrot soup recipe I posted a little while ago where I used cashews to give it a "creamy" texture. I swiped the carrot for squash because I have a big one at home. I will also toast some cashews fro whoever want to sprinkle some on top, and offer other toppings such as: pepitas, hemp seed and crispy quinoa.

Lunch: Sweet corn tostadas for the kids and Mexican cauli-rice bowls for my husband me.I now that Mexican food 2 days in a row will make my kids happy... I am tryin got be practical and use water I have in my fridge that might go bad first. The tostadas are from the Sweet potato Chronicles cookbook ( which I love an dis super easy) an dI am pretty sure that my children will love this so much! For the grown up version, I will simply use cauliflower rice as a base instead of the crispy tortillas.
Dinner: Salmon with grilled broccolini. Simply roasted salmon with salt and pepper, and 2-3 minutes under broiler to give it some crispiness and same with the veggies....


Lunch: Couscous pilaf. Another recipe inspired by the Sweet Potato Chronicles, but I will have to adapt it since I do not have all the ingredients at hand. I love this kind of no recipe-recipe that you feel inspired from and add or take away whatever you have at hand or like....
Dinner: Seeded chicken tenders, with a cucumber and tomato salad. I read about this  while ago and cannot remember where... You mix the breadcrumbs with some mixed seeds, dip them in egg whites first and then in the seeds and cook them on each side until golden brown..... I can make an easy cucumber and tomato salad with avocado, a drizzle of olive oil and some lemon, salt and pepper!

Lunch: Roasted zucchinis and carrots with barley and turkey bacon. This is exactly what it sounds like, I will roast small cubes of zucchini and carrots ( tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper) at 400F for 10-12 minutes. Cook some barely and turkey bacon, assemble it all and maybe toss if with either arugula or spinach and adjust seasoning and done!
Dinner: Greek meatballs. I haven't made that one in a while and the kids love it! I have some frozen veggies that I can sauté with garlic, olive oil and some shallots as an easy side.

Lunch: Quiche and salad. Not sure what veggies I will have left by then, but quiche are really easy to improvise, add some leftover roasted veggies, or thawed frozen ones, maybe some ham or bacon, or even smoked salmon, cheese always adds to flavor,.... As you can see there are many ways to go here!
Dinner: Asian steamed fish with veggies. I read about something similar in the NYT this week-end and it reminded me if a recipe I had a few summers ago with my parents. Basically you cook some fish a a nice nice flavored veggie broth (with ginger and garlic) with some mushrooms, peas and add some rice also if you want... The fish only needs to cook for a couple of minutes so it goes really fast, plus I have some cooked rice store in my freezer so that will speed things up as well. Regarding how it goes, I promise to share it, meanwhile I am linking ghee NYT one.

Lunch: Scramble tofu and toast. Since we are having quiche on Friday, I don't want to make too many eggs so I am trying this tofu scramble from Deliciously Ella that looks delicious and really easy to make. She adds tons of spices to give it some flavor. I will also attempt to make my own bread this week, so a nice fresh baked toast alongside and come crudités as well
Dinner: TJ Gnocchis with pesto and peas. I love Trader Joes gnocchis, they are so delicious. I am using a mix of their kale and cauliflower ones that I will sauté together (never boil them or they become gluey, ugh!) and add some pesto (store bought works great here) and frozen peas.... This is super easy and a huge fave around here!!

Lunch: Avocado toasts and its variations.... I will make the toasts and also a platter with topping options: prosciutto, smoked salmon, turkey bacon arugula, soft boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers..... My children always love when their can make their own meal and this will do!
Dinner: Minestrone. This is an easy one that can be done with pantry beans and frozen veggies.... Minestrone can go many different directions and is also easily adaptable!

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