Weekly meal plan

Apr 13 2020


Week 5 of quarantine! This is getting really long... and no one knows where this is going, but we still gotta eat! In order to keep my family happy and myself sane, our meals are getting as simple as possible without compromising taste and/or health.... The word COMPROMISE is essential here! Everyone has to do their parts, be happy with what they get and deal with the situation! I am going to link the recipes to  similar meals that I will prepare so you can get inspiration. I promise to post whatever I feel is successful afterwards... Meanwhile I am providing you something to start with.

Lunch: Eggs burritos. I have some tortillas in the fridge, tons of leftovers roasted veggies from the week-end and eggs... Kids love burritos so this sounds quite easy for a Monday lunch!
Dinner: White bean soup.  This is a new recipe that I will share on my stories tomorrow... But basically, it is very simple! I will sauté some carrots, onions, celery with turkey bacon for a couple of minutes. Add some seasoning and toss in some white canned white beans and veggie stock. Then I will bring to boil and simmer for 10-15 minus and enjoy! For more details, I promise to post tomorrow!

Lunch: Tuna tartare. I found a great source for fresh fish delivery to my house.... This with tortilla chips, maybe guacamole or a base of rice will be great for an easy lunch. I am basing this on my salmon ceviche I posted  a while ago that is easily adaptable!
Dinner: 1 pot chicken with dried apricots and olives...I intend to make a live cooking class on Tuesday and show you how easy this is! It is just assembling it all in order and bringing maximum flavor out of this... Any kind of dried fruit works and mixing it with olives just bring a nice balance to this dish... Don't have any of this? Make sure to season it right and it will still be delicious!


Lunch: Quinoa cabbage salad from Jennifer Fisher....  A friend of mine pointed out that Jennifer Fisher had tons of easy and delicious recipes on her blog...( on top of amazing jewelry) Who knew? I love what she makes, it is totally accessible and really yummy! I highly recommend it, so make sure to go check it out!
Dinner: Cauliflower mac and cheese. In order to keep it simple as I intend to, making kids happy and also bearing healthy and nourishing dishes in mind, this is hitting the spots on all counts.... I have made this for my videos a while ago and will post it again as a reminder to show how easy dinner can be!


Lunch: Quinoa, caulirice pesto bowls from my friend's Pamela Salzman new book... I love all her recipes and her new book is all about speedy meals ( which is my language). I highly recommend buying it, you will not regret it! I will post on my stories as I prepare this to show how super simple and delicious it is.
Dinner: Veggie curry and simple kale salad. This is a classic from my blog and I am teaching it live at 5:00 PST on Conscious City Guide's website...This is about easy recipes and cooking together as a community during the quarantine... Helping us to stay connected... Make sure to get a ticket and check it out, it will stay available for a while!

Lunch: DYI  sandwich bar... I need a break once in a while and this might be the time... I can toast some yummy bread and have a handful of options so everyone cn make their own yummy club sandwich or BLT... I can have avocados, crispy turkey bacon, leftover chicken, sliced cucumbers, rated carrots, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, pesto sauce, vegenaise, boiled eggs arugula.... This can go any way you want, make everyone happy and is SO EASY!
Dinner: Asian fish packets... Same fish source ( I can last for a while with what I have in my freezer)... Steaming it in little packs and adding tons key ingredients for add in flavor, such as green onions, ginger, mushrooms, for sauce, sesame oil,..... Spinach and other veggies that steam quickly might work great here as well!!

Lunch: Baked eggs and greens. I love making eggs for brunch, especially this way since it is so easy to prepare and I know the whole family loves it... This dish is easily adaptable and you can make it work with whatever you ave in your fridge...
Dinner: Wild salmon California bowls. This is another one from my friend Pamela. The beauty of this is the t you can make it with whatever you have.. Base: grains + proteins : salmon ( or tofu, tune, chicken,...) + veggies ( eaters cooked or crudités such as cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, radishes,... + sauce: soy sauce, sesame oil lemon,...

Lunch: Bagels, salmon and cream cheese.... I found a vendor who delivers unbaked frozen bagels.... So on Saturday, I ca bake then fresh, have delcisu cream cheese, lox or sold soon, sliced cucumbers ad avoid and maybe a crips fresh green salads and done!
Dinner: Chicken satay with sweet potato fries and asian slaw.  I can make the patties ahead of time and have my husband grill them while I assemble the salad and bake the fries... It is all about team work, right?!

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