Weekly meal plan

Apr 19 2020


6 weeks into quarantine and getting antsy, as is the rest of the world right!? Since there is nothing we can do it about, I try to be present in the now and do the things I can. Like taking as best care as possible of my family and for me this means  cooking healthy and delicious food! I will keep on sharing steps by steps on my Insta stories since this is getting a really good feedback. I also intend to do 2 Instrgam live cooking together this week on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00 PST. Hopefully you can join me an die can chat and connect!

So here we go with this week's plan....

Lunch: Hash potato waffles with fried eggs and avocados. I have some frozen hash brown (instead of having to grate potatoes) and will simply spoon it in the waffle maker, fry some eggs and add sliced avocados... Some crudités on the side and done!
Dinner: Vegan creamy broccoli and bean soup  This is a new recipe that I will share on my stories tomorrow... But basically, it is very simple! I will sauté some carrots, onions, celery for a couple of minutes. Add some seasoning and toss in chopped broccoli and white beans and veggie stock. Then I will bring to boil and simmer for 10-15 minus and purée it all until super smooth! The beans give it a really creamy consistency with adding any actual cream. Maybe some cashews can go in for extra smooth texture, we shall see. For more details, I promise to post tomorrow!

Lunch: Tacos Tuesday. I still have some chicken leftover form the week end, will just shred it and make a DIY taco bar... My version will be a taco salad bowl.
Dinner: Mustard Milanese with Arugula and fennel salad. I intend to make a live cooking class on Tuesday and show you how easy this is! It is just assembling it all in order really easily. Here is what you will need for that: chicken breasts, mustard, breadcrumbs, lemon, arugula, fennel and olive oil. Any kind of salad will do for this, I juts happen to have arugula and love the spice of it.... I will remind and share the ingredients tomorrow.


Lunch: Asian pesto Ramen noodles for kids and summer rolls for me. They love Ramen so much that it is super easy for me.... I prefer eating more veggies and less carbs so the summer rolls will be the perfect side dish.
Dinner: Fresh Ahi tuna Niçoise salad.  I have most of the ingredients to be able to just toss it all together quickly and will simply have to grill some ahi tuna for a few minutes. Niçoise can be done with salmon (which is the recipe from my blog), canned tuna, rotisserie chicken or even vegetarian .... since we are all kind of limited in our supplies this can be adapted.


Lunch: Italian antipasti buffet with a fennel celery salad. I will prepare some caperese both with mozzarella and avocado, prosciutto with pears, and make this fennel salad that will pair nicely with my theme... If I have time and am motivated enough I might attempt to make focaccia... If I do, it will be on my stories for sure!
Dinner: Italian bean stew.  This will also be for an Instagram live cooking together at 5:00 PST. For this one you need 2-3 can of beans (any kind you have), garlic, tomatoes, chili flakes and spinach. I might add some tofu sausages fro extra texture ( real chicken sausages or none also works). I tested this one just for me last week and everyone was kind of jealous and trying to steal my lunch, so I am making it for the whole gang and sharing with you!

Lunch: Homemade pizzas. I will show you how to make super easily pizza dough on my stories and make a couple of fun and easy veggie pizzas that I will share in my Friday's video. I am linking the recipes I have on the blog but make sure to tune in and check how I do it.
Dinner: Italian sheet pan with zucchinis and tomatoes. By Friday I am ready to have a break! So this kind of 1 sheet pan dinner is super easy and requires very little hands on.. I adapted form my insta pot Italian chicken from the blog but with small pieces of chicken breast and different veggies.

Lunch: Oven baked grilled cheese and coleslaw and  scrambled eggs.  I like brunch family style, where everyone can make their own things but there are still plenty of options and it is easy to prepare. I can make the grilled cheese in the oven so it is less hands on!

Dinner: Ratatouille and grilled shrimps. The beauty of a delicious ratatouille is to chop the veggies and throw them all in the slow cooker and let it do the work! I can throw some shrimps on the grill and makes for an easy dinner.


This is my sweet daughter Marine birthday so the menu will be all about her!!!
Lunch: Kale salad with bagels, salmon and cream cheese.... I still have unbaked frozen bagels that will go in the oven and are absolutely amazing.... A plate of smoked salmon or lox, some delicious and crips kale salad and done!
Dinner: Truffle pasta.  This is her perfect dinner wish.... I love that she is such a foodie that she loves truffles, I guess I have something to do with that :) This i sone of my ultimate truffle pasta recipe.. Not sure if we all make pasta and stock from scratch but even if not, it still taste scrumptious!

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