Weekly meal plan

Apr 26 2020


7 weeks into quarantine and not sure when is this going to go back to normal.... I have good days an dbad days, but I can't complain too much since we are really lucky in sunny California to have to such great weather, it feels like summer... Still, I miss social interactions, my freedom and my friends... To  be able to get though I cook and bake.... I do need break from time to time time so I try to make one meal per day super easy fro me, like no cooking or 1 tray or slow cooker or something....

So here we go with this week's plan....

Lunch: Spring rolls.  I have tons of crudités and also some leftover chicken that I can use here... It is an easy lunch packed with veggies that the kids and come and grab whenever they get a break from "school"
Dinner: Chicken spatchcock with roasted veggies.  I posted the video for this one a while ago, it is an easy dinner where you put it all on a tray together and 45 minted later dinner is done.... Since the chicken cooks with the herbs and veggies it gets tons of flavor from it and is super juicy and tasty!

Lunch: Sushi rolls. Same as for Monday, this can be packed with veggies... The only thing here is to cook the rice but thanks to my rice cooker, it gets really easy for me. I can add canned tuna or salmon, avocado, cucumbers, crab,.... I might even just skip the rice from me completely and just wrap my veggies in nori.
Dinner: Cucumber gazpacho. The recipe I will make is a bit different form this one, but this is really good and easy... This is a matter of putting everything in a blender and make goat cheese crostini or something easy to accompany it... I am going to do an Instagram live so we can make this together. Ingredients: cucumbers, grapes, ginger, lemon juice, cashews is what you need here... Goat cheese and yummy bread for the crostinis...


Lunch: Goat cheese puffs with spring salad. This is also something I made a while ago  for a video, it is super delicious and I love the crunchiness of the puff pastry around the goat cheese, it pairs really well together! Place it on a bed of fresh spring greens with an apple cider honey vinaigrette for pure deliciousness.

Dinner: Pan fried salmon with arugula salad. I try to balance our meals, flavors, proteins and veggies as much as possible and always bearing gin Monday that I need to keep it easy fro me, otherwise it might go crazy... Also I always say that simple food well prepared and using good produce is most of the time the best!!!


Lunch:  Spring salad. Or anything that I can fin din my fridge... Some days, I just cannot be bothered...
Dinner: Sesame turkey meatballs with fried cauliflower rice.  This will also be for an Instagram live cooking together at 5:00 PST. Ingredients: ground turkey, shallots, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, sesame seeds, cauliflower rice and any veggies you wanna add in there such as peas, spinach, celery, carrots, cauliflower,... This  meatball's recipe is very similar recipe tho what I intend to make in case you don't want to wait and want to do something easy.


Lunch: Spaghetti squash Pad Thai style... I have been dying to try this for a while... This is all the flavors I like, if I turns out how I like, I promise to share!!!
Dinner: Tomato bean bake. This is perfect for my speedy meal Friday video... All you need for this is beans, fresh or diced tomatoes, garlic, some kind of greens such as spinach or something. This recipe attached is a good one and similar to what I want to do except that I will add more veggies...

Lunch:  Shrimps and farro salad with tomatoes, beans and celery and a lemon olive oil vinaigrette... Maybe some toasted nuts to go with it for extra crunch! I will will grill the shrimps, cook the farro, simply chop the other ingredients and toss it will fresh lemon juice and olive oil, some ground pepper and salt, and toasted walnuts... This should be really good. You can give it a try or wait for me to post if you prefer.

Dinner: Spaghetti carbonara, courtesy of my husband.... I think by then I will be more than ready for a break from cooking. So I am assigning my husband who makes the most delicious spaghetti carbonara ever to be in charge of dinner!


Lunch: DIY avocado toasts bar and all the goodies that can g on it, such as smoked salmon, eggs, prosciutto, bacon, ..... Serving with a large crudités platter ( which is my go to and best way to get the kids to eat tons of veggies) and a kale salad...
Dinner: Grilled petits filets with baked potatoes.  We get these amazing filets from our country club and I can simply put them on the grill with bake some potatoes, assemble a simple green salad and this should not be too hard...

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