Weekly meal plan

May 3 2020


8 weeks into quarantine and hoping that they will lift it up on a couple of weeks...  I don't know about you but I have good days and bad days... On good days I am excited about being with my family all the time and getting to cook so  many new things and having time to just be, which is so rare and amazing! On bad days I miss my friends and my freedom!!!! We are all in this together and I feel that I can somehow contribute by sharing my easy meals and meal plan which makes me happy!

So here we go with this week's plan....

Lunch: Italian chopped salad. I have lots of veggies that was delivered by local farms that I need to use, so this will be a good and easy way! I will use this recipe a s abseils and add some mozzarella balls and maybe prosciutto!!
Dinner: Basil chicken and veggie soup. I can easily sauté the veggies in my insta pot and add my chicken and stock and have dinner ready in just under 15 minutes.

Lunch: Omelet tortillas. Cinco de Mayo today, so I will make the most of the theme for the entire day. I read about this a while ago and I have a feeling that this will make a super easy lunch for the kiddos! I might add in a small Mexican inspired salad for me and will share it all on my stories.
Dinner: Mexican fiesta. I am making my Mexican barley, cooking some ground turkey with Mexican spices and making a cilantro lime cauli-rice and of course chips and guacamole. I will be cooking live and show you everything I do.


Lunch: Grilled Thai chicken lettuce. This is inspired by one of the latest cookbook I bought called "Eat what you want" by Gabby.... I really like this book and am testing a lot of things from it, including this recipe! I like lettuce cups meals, in this case the chicken is cooked in a marinade and I will add some avocado and cucumbers and serve some more crudités on the side.

Dinner: Veggie lasagna.  I haven't made one in a while and I know that by Wednesday I have quite some veggies that need to be used, so this will do the trick. I am using no boil lasagne sheet and good quality store bought tomato sauce, which makes the whole thing really easy! I don't really have the exact recipe I plan to make but will get inspired by the one I linked. I will post once done and also make a video to show you,


Lunch: Avocado Caprese,  tomatoes are getting back in season and this pairs so nicely together and makes me super happy to eat!!
Dinner: Grilled shrimps and faro salad E Baldi style.  This is inspired by on oof m favorite Italian restaurant in LA and I will try to do it justice. You will be able to witness it since I will be akin this for my live cooking class on Thursday!


Lunch: Grilled cheese for kiddos and roasted carrots with greek yogurt and avocado, also in that "eat what you want" cookbook....
Dinner: Moroccan sheet pan. This is really easy, healthy and I love the  flavor combination. Plus who doe  not love a 1 sheet dinner pan, less to clean up!

Lunch:  Bibimbap. This Korean inspired lunch is so delicious and can be adapted to what you like and have in your fridge.... I don't have the special bowls to make the rice crunchy but have the ache and different veggies to resemble it... Super healthy and delicious and always an easy way to get the kids excited about veggies since they can make their own.

Dinner: Korean beef. Kind of staying with the cooking them for today.... But serving this on noodles instead of rice tonight.


It is mother's day today, so hopefully my kids will see this na d make all the things I like right?! OR is that wishful thinking... I guess we'll see!

Lunch: California egg poached eggs benedict! I love avocado toast and poached eggs, combining the two here and maybe a nee Mimosa to enjoy it would be nice....
Dinner: Coconut salmon rice bowls....  Salmon is my favorite fish! Simply grilled on a bowl of coconut rice with cucumber, carrots, soy beans, edamame and a nice sweet-soy inspired sauce and mama will be happy!

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