Weekly meal plan

Apr 25 2021


It is my daughter's birthday tomorrow, second one in quarantine... She is turning 17! I would have never thought that we would still be here a year later.. Gather that we have more freedom and things are slowly getting back to normal, but still!!

We are all in this together and I feel that I can somehow contribute and help a little  by sharing my easy recipes and meal plan which makes me happy!

So here we go with this week's plan....

Basil chicken and veggie soup. I can easily sauté the veggies in my insta pot and add my chicken and stock and have dinner ready in just under 15 minutes.

Mexican fiesta. I am making my Mexican barley, cooking some ground turkey with Mexican spices and making a cilantro lime cauli-rice and of course chips and guacamole.


Veggie lasagna.  I haven't made one in a while and I know that usually by Wednesday I have quite some veggies that need to be used, so this will do the trick. I am using no boil lasagne sheet and good quality store bought tomato sauce, which makes the whole thing really easy! I don't really have the exact recipe I plan to make but will get inspired by the one I linked. I will post once done;


Grilled shrimps and faro salad E Baldi style.  This is inspired by one of my favorite Italian restaurant in LA and I will try to do it justice.


Moroccan sheet pan. This is really easy, healthy and I love the  flavor combination. Plus who does not love a 1 sheet dinner pan, less to clean up!

Lunch: Avocado Caprese,  tomatoes are getting back in season and this pairs so nicely together and makes me super happy to eat!!

Dinner: Korean beef. Kind of craving these flavors this week.... Serving this on noodles instead of rice tonight.


Lunch: California poached eggs benedict! I love avocado toast and poached eggs, combining the two here and maybe a nice Mimosa would be nice....
Dinner: Coconut salmon rice bowls....  Salmon is my favorite fish! Simply grilled on a bowl of coconut rice with cucumber, carrots, soy beans, edamame and a nice sweet-soy inspired sauce and mama will be happy!

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